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Happy Dance
Inspired by some fellow RPers to write this out... survey stolen from Lexie

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Happy Dance
So, I'm not exactly sure what others are doing tonight other than preparing to leave the space station. I heard there was a party somewhere being held?

I was digging through my closet and came across a costume I wore one year during a college party. Anyone familiar with that 'king of pop' Michael Jackson? Old stuff, I know, but I guess that'll be my costume.

...I wonder how many people will get the reference. I... totally suck at pop culture.

[Locked to Charlene]
Back during shore leave before I found you and kissed you, I ran into Miss Gaila. She helped me think through some things and I told her I owed her a drink. I've just now been politely reminded that I still haven't provided this said drink, so that is what I'll be doing tonight.

I know the rumors that surround her, but I swear that's not what is going on. She's just a friend.

....I just figured you should know and not worry. I'll stop by and visit afterwards, I promise!

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Happy Dance
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Happy Dance
Shore leave... that was fun, right? Hopefully everyone had a good time. (I think everyone did, as far as I could tell.)

Welcome to the new crew members! You probably won't see me much, since I stay down in engineering... alot, actually... maybe too much. I'm kind of excited to see the new engine fully functioning. Everything is sleek and new.

[Private to Mr. Sulu]

Um, is there such a thing as a tropical plant that won't die quickly in space? I'm kind of interested in picking up a couple from Risa for Charlene, but... I really don't know anything about these kinds of things.

[Private to Charlene]

Thanks for going with me to the hull the other day. I can't exactly express how much I appreciated having you there for the first time seeing everything again. You probably could tell I was pretty anxious, but I think I'll be alright.

Happy Dance
The dark circles under everyone's eyes are very unbecoming. Seems like everyone has exhausted all their resources, huh?

A big thank you to the engineering crew and medical staff, always valiant in times of need. It's an honor to work along side everyone after this incident, and especially Captain Kirk, what fearless leadership you have!

Sorry if anyone has been trying to reach me, I seem to have lost my PADD and, well, stress has its funny ways with the body and mind. I seem to be always exhausted, yet sleep evades me. Hopefully the rumors of a shore leave prove to be true, after all, I don't see the Enterprise going much further in this state.

[Personal Log/hackable]

My mother would be furious at me if she had known I stopped going to a temple and barely prayed ever since starting the academy, yet now I find myself asking Lord Vishnu for his guidance. I managed to dig an old candle out from a drawer and a photo...

I've been lost and avoidant lately, and no doubt something is seriously wrong. I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can barely function with these flashbacks from the attacks plaguing me. Yet, I can't seem to remember all that happened that day, it's like some part of my mind is in a foggy haze.

I can't escape it either, almost every thought, conversation, question, answer - it's all about the disaster, so that's why I've stayed in my room. I can't bring myself to go out and interact with people; it's all they talk about. (Maybe I'm over exaggerating?)

I'm running the risk of being in serious trouble for not reporting to engineering the last few days. I know people have come by to get me, but I only grow nauseated with the thought of going there.

[End Personal Log]

[Private to Mr. Scott]
You must think I've abandoned my duties, so all I can ask of you is forgiveness. I've been feeling unlike myself and very ill, and I know that's a pitiful excuse, but it's the only one I can offer. I haven't been feeling in the right state of mind lately.

[ooc: Sanjay is suffering from Acute Stress Disorder. Realistically, he'd probably have PTSD, but he'll recover from this soon...ish]

[Communication to Bridge]
Happy Dance
[some crackling and interference from background noise]

Engineering to bridge... Ensign Singh here.... Can't locate Lieutenant Commander Scott... Warp Core unstable...over heating...leaking plasma.

I don't think warp drive is an option at this time.

Happy Dance
[Private Log]

I've successfully avoided both Marla and Charlene since the party. I saw them make brief appearances, but it's amazing what you can occupy your mind on and distract yourself from noticing things down in the hull.

I fail at confrontation.

[/Private Log]

Mr. Scott has suggested I make an apology to anyone I might've offended when I was under the affects of the Thumos plant. Apparently I was rather power-hungry down in the engineering department, and for that, please accepted my deepest apology.

That being said, I've been feeling under the weather these past few days, so I hope it's not too bold of me to take today and tomorrow off. I feel like I haven't slept in days, which is most likely true considering how long I was constantly in the hull. It definitely proved to me that I'm not ready to be a Chief Engineer anytime soon.

[Private Log]

I know I'm not one to say much and I'm often seen as an enigma by most, but I always wanted to come out of this "shell" I had somehow built over the years growing up. I was starting to do that, and then somehow these past 2 weeks alone I completely broke free and beyond only to have everything around me outside the engineering department crash and burn.

People told me I was acting strangely and I didn't believe them, but at that party in the Geology lab reality kind of came at me fast. Maybe this is why I built up that safe shell of mine and stayed in it. I thought it was time to break free and live a little, but maybe I'm not meant to do that.

...and I can't believe I kissed Marla. I mean, she's very sweet, cute, and a great baker, but I don't know what overcame me! I guess I was caught in the moment? Was that due to this possible pollen affecting me? God, I didn't mean to kiss her, but she was right there and... yeah, definitely caught in the moment. I really didn't mean to and feel horrible about it, and given the look Charlene gave me at the party, she somehow figured it out, I think. She looked pretty upset that night and maybe it wasn't actually anything about me since she had been acting strange lately too, but I can't help to feel responsible for some of this chaos.

Forget it, I'll just stay in the hull and work. Forget all this happened and maybe things will work out in the end. I should say something, to take responsibility, but now doesn't seem like a good time to do so.

I should really stop listening to old Hindi songs. It's not really helping my mood.

[/Private Log]

Apparently it's rumored that some plants of Mr. Sulu's is causing everyone to act so strangely? Hopefully everything can be settled soon, right everyone?

I'll continue being in the hull if anyone needs me. I just feel like focusing on my work, since things are getting behind down there.

Why is everyone giving me such strange looks today? Is it really that surprising when I tell people what to do? I'm not ordering around people in higher ranks, of course, but I mean, c'mon! I never realized how stupid alot of the ensigns are. How did they manage to be assigned to the Enterprise!?

I know what some of you are thinking, "Oh, just because you have a mechanical engineering degree, you think you're so awesome." And you know what, that's right. I actually know what I'm talking about. I may not be good at programing, but I know the mechanics of how things work properly.

[Private to Charlene]
I haven't seen you in the last couple days. What's up? You OK?

[Private to Marla]
I was looking through my bookcase and found a book you might be interested in. Do you like classic literature? I didn't realize I had it until I decided to clean through some of my stuff.


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