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ensign_singh's Journal

Sanjay Singh
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NAME: Sanjay Singh
RANK: Ensign
DIVISION: Operations
AGE: 28
RACE: Human
OCCUPATION: engineering

note: Sanjay is a TOS reboot of Lt. Singh, only given a name and history

PERSONALITY: Sanjay is a pretty quiet guy. Sometimes so quiet, people forget that he’s there, but it’s not because he’s shy; he’s usually too busy in whatever task he’s been assigned. He’s much like the Chief Engineer in the sense that he’s dedicated to his job and driven to one day be Chief Engineer himself. That being said, he is a little socially awkward around people he doesn't know and tries to be politically correct as possible in fear of making others upset.

HISTORY: Coming from a lineage of engineers, it was expected that Sanjay was too to become one. Without complaints, he accepted his fate and strived towards that which was destined for him. However, his family never once thought he’d have a moment of rebellion and run off to Starfleet after obtaining his degree. During his stay at the Academy, they tried to convince him to come back mixed with threats to cut ties with him due to a lack of understanding what Starfleet really was. It wasn’t until after saving Earth from the Romulans that they realized that what their son was doing and the cause he was serving.

Sanjay never told his parents that he was on the Enterprise during the whole incident, he figured they worried about him enough and would save that story for his children one day.

[This is an rp journal for to_boldlygo. I don't own anything.]
Player: deathnomiko
Played by: Shahid Kapoor